Monika Jurga

Alias: niQuaone

head graphics designer conception designer plot author

Motto: Panta rhei kai ouden menei

My job: designing graphics for the game (locations, characters, interfaces), creating illustrations and simple animations, preparing web graphics, script correction

Interests: In love with movie soundtracks, addicted to good TV series, enjoys creating things, dreams of running a marathon

What I like: Rain...

My dislikes: Noises in the dark.

Favoritue games: Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, KoTOR , Oblivion, Skyrim, currently spends time playing as the dark side of the Force.

About myself: When I was younger, I used to write my own ‘books’ using 60 pages long exercise books. Also, using a pen and printer paper, I created comic books…Dreamt of being a writer and illustrator…a child’s dreams ;)

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