Three days left…. Three short days to save the city before it is annihilated by a nuclear explosion.

Playing as Sarah Young, an FBI agent in charge of the anti-terrorist unit in New York, we get involved in the investigation to seize a dangerous terrorist. The decisive factor is rapidly passing time and the question: can we make the terrorist reveal the whereabouts of the bomb?

“The Code Red” will enable its players to influence the plot which means their choices will have consequences for future events. Depending on situation, not only will we affect the development of a simple dialogue, but also decide about a character’s future. In Sarah's interactions with other characters, we will also have the chance to deepen the relationship with two of them. Yet, we must not forget the clock is ticking and a player's choices and actions will determine the fate of New York city and millions of human beings. As a result, the game can have three different endings.

Only three days left….

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